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Will my star be unique to me?
Absolutely. Each star name will be filed and registered once only. The star name will be filed in a registry vault and registered with the copyright office of the United States of America.

Will my star name be used by astronomers?
No. Scientists use astronomical coordinates to identify and locate stars. It is not possible to actually own a stellar object as nobody (or everybody, depending on your way of looking at it) has ownership. A star is essentially a ball of boiling gas trillions of miles away, so ownership is hardly a viable option anyway!

What is a star?
Stars are huge balls of hot, glowing gases. Our sun is a star. It is just an ordinary star, not the biggest nor the brightest. But the sun is the star that is nearest to our planet Earth. Earth is part of the sun's family of planets, moons, and comets called the Solar System. All of the other stars that we see in the sky are much farther away from Earth.

Long ago people were already naming the brightest stars in the sky and learning where and when to look for them. They also gave names to the constellations, groups of stars that seem to form patterns in the sky. Usually these constellations were named after gods, heroes or animals.

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